• Church Family News December 2019

    Church Family News for December 2019

    Advent and Christmas Services

    Sunday 1st December, First Sunday in Advent.  Holy Communion, All Welcome. Hope for the World!  

    Sunday 8th December- Family Nativity Service.  Peace be with you!  

    Sunday 15th December, Readings and Carols Service.  Joy to the World!  

    Sunday 22nd December, Love Incarnate!  

    Wednesday 25th December, 10.30am Family Service on Christmas Day.  Come and Join the Celebration- The Lord is Here!  The Saviour gives us Hope, Peace, Joy, Love, and His Presence.

    Sunday 29th December, Lay Preacher Mr Bolaji (Theo) Douglas

    Tuesday 31st December, New Years Eve Watch Night Service, 11.30pm – 12.30am, with refreshments and snacks after, led by Members of the church.  


    Church News November 2019- Services and Events

    Sunday 3rd November, Holy Communion Service.  All welcome!

    Men’s Breakfast, Saturday 2nd November, 9.30am – 11am at the church.  Please speak to Johannes for more information.  

    Social and Fundraising Events.  Film Night for All, Friday 1st November 7pm at the church.  Curry Sale 3rd November. More news to follow.

    Women’s Friendship Gathering, Saturday 9th November, 3pm – 4.30pm at the church.  Please speak to Mavis, Cynthia or Eunice for more information.

    Church Prayer Gathering, Saturday 16th November, 11am- 12.30pm, all welcome.  

    Ignite Youth Group, meeting on Friday 1st November , 6.30pm at church. 

    Christmas Trip, Saturday 7th December, please sign up to be included.

    Ignite Youth Group is for all secondary school students/ those aged 12 – 17 years old.  

    Student Group, ‘The Zone’, meeting on Friday 15th November, 7pm – 9pm at the church for food, fun and encouragement.

    More Church News to follow during the month.


    “We grow by serving”!  All members and regular attendees at the church are prayerfully encouraged to be involved in at least one ministry in the church.

    Praise Group meets for practice every Saturday from 5pm – 6pm at the church, all are welcome. Please speak to Eunice for more details.

    Prayer Time for the persecuted church (Church in Chains Galway) happens the first and third Friday of the month, 8pm – 10 pm. Please speak to Ajoy or Chitra for more information.

    If you have a prayer request for the Prayer Chain to pray over, please contact Helen on 0864677888.

    Children are welcome to attend Sunday school after the Offering.

    Parents of young children (under 3’s) are welcome to use the small side room during the service, where there are toys and where one can hear the service through the sound system. Parents/ guardians must supervise their child/ children in the room at all times, also during the tea/ coffee time. All parents/ guardians must fill out a consent form if their child is going to Sunday School.


    There are parking vouchers on the announcement board. If attending the church, please take one and put it on your dashboard if parking in an on- street car parking space near the church (Harbour Car Parking spaces only) and you will not need to pay for a parking ticket while at church on Sunday morning. (Only park in designated car parking spaces or your car may be clamped!)

    If you would like a pastoral visit please speak to Helen, 0864677888.

    Sunday 7th July, Holy Communion Service, 11am.  All welcome.

    Men’s Breakfast, Saturday 6th July, 9.30am – 11am at the church.  

    Women’s Friendship Gathering, Saturday 6th July, 3pm – 4.30pm at the church.  

    Ignite Youth Group on Summer Break.  More news to follow.

    Church Council Meeting, Saturday 13th July, 11.30am at the church.

    Eyre Square Summer Care, ‘God meets you where you are’, happening this month every Sunday.  

    Sunday 14th July, we welcome Abusa (Rev) Peter Kandulu to preach during the service.  Rev Helen will be representing the church at the Galway National Day of Commemoration Service.

    Fully Membership Classes starting during the month of July for those actively involved in the church for over a year.  Please speak to Helen if you are interested and for more details.

    Saturday 20th July, Church Prayer Time, 10am- 11am.  All welcome. 

    Saturday 20th July, 11am at the church.  Taking Care Training for all volunteers of Sunday School and Youth group.  

    Points for Prayer- 

    For those in need at this time.  For all members to grow in faith, and grow closer in our relationships.

    For the church building, so that the drains are fixed by the City Council, that we can fix the stained glass window, paint the church, that we can build at the back and have better toilets and meeting facilities.  For protection from the evil one.

    “We grow by serving”!  All members and regular attenders at the church are prayerfully encouraged to be involved in at least one ministry in the church.

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