• Sunday Service 17th January 2021 – God is speaking!

    God is speaking!

    Last week at a prayer gathering, a minister talked about a time when he sat in a hospital room with his wife who was very ill, they had just received bad news, and as they sat there a person popped by, the person knew them but did not know about the situation or news, but God had told that person to go pray with them, and they prayed together!  That person appearing there was a reminder to them at a dark time that God was with them.

    Many years ago, I remember being in a room of hundreds of women at a Christian conference, I’d gone alone and had just moved back to an area and was trying to find my feet… I didn’t have many Christian friends at the time where I was living and I needed to look for a church. I remember feeling God was telling me to speak to a woman behind me and tell her we’d be prayer partners!  I didn’t even know her!  I can’t! I replied back, she’ll think I’m mad!  The message came again… I gave in and spoke to her, she invited me to her church – which I stayed in and became my church – we became firm friends and prayer partners, I ended up introducing her to her future husband and was their bridesmaid in that same church!

    8 years ago while preaching in Galway for the first time, which is kind of like an interview!!, I remember hearing in the middle of the sermon a voice say to me, ‘Don’t worry about what is about to happen!’. The next second the fire alarm of the church went off! Having heard that voice I was calm and didn’t take it as a bad sign! (I didn’t know then that our church alarm goes off a lot!)  God’s voice I believe had reassured me.

    I have many other stories and I’m sure you have many too!

    Lots of you have spoken God’s word to me at the right time, and I hope and pray I have done that too to you!

    Sometimes we may feel God is silent- but we just need to wait upon Him and He will speak and guide us.

    Today in our service we’re looking at God speaking to us. 

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